Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is Sharon Capable of Writing a Short Post?

Buenos dias, readers, friends and family,

            The flower market 1 block from Parque Calderon in El Centro

This will be a short post today.  I am determined to do it!  Once I start to write, it just pours out but this time I will really, actually keep it short. Honestly.  "For Reals" as my kids used to say. BTW, when I was thinking of moving here a year ago, I was hungry for any photo of Cuenca and to know approximately where it I add photos here we shoot when we are out for any reason.

I made a  list of all the "quilt kits" or specific quilt projects I have created. Then I added how many quilts I have to complete. The number is around 20!  Several are near completion. 
OK, this was a sobering thing to do.  The post will be short so that I can focus on quilting!

A pretty good sized chunk of the fabric is in Oregon at my friend Cindy's, waiting for me to bring it down in a suitcase (or suitcases) after our visit back to the US, whenever we get our cedula/residency papers.

Yup, we are still waiting for our residency to be approved/cedula.   It is supposed to take 90 days and its been 5 months since the day we turned everything in to our attorneys.  There is no specific problem but the ministry of immigration got way behind when they fired a couple of directors and then fired the whole staff due to fraudulent behavior or something similar.  And now they have converted to a new computer system. But it is a bit FRUSTRATING!

However, I am practicing being adaptable, going with the flow.
                                          Looking across the Tomebamba at the hanging houses

Not counting the quilts I have given away in the past, I have 20 projects to complete.  Some are complex and at least one is beyond my skill level.  Some are simple wall hangings and will be fast to complete. Some will require new skills I will be happy to learn.  Some are Christmas gifts so I'm working on those now (like small wall hangings). The majority of the projects will be lap quilts or twin size quilts and will be displayed on the walls of our home or reside on beds. One very positive thing about Cuenca usually being around 40 degrees at night is that quilts are quite welcome and can be stacked on a bed.

The flower market in El Centro.  I bought bags of soil here to repot some of my little garden residents.

It is wonderful to be retired and know I have lots of time to focus on this hobby. And my work on learning Espanol is showing some progress - hurray!  Also, my goal of slowly learning the city of Cuenca is, well... slowly progressing. 

Today I am full of joy that I exist right here in Cuenca at this time in history!
                      A wall hanging I have nearly completed for a friend who loves owls.

I'm getting back to sewing right now.

OK, that's it.  A short post accomplished!
Have a fantastic end of the week.


  1. The owl one looks great. It reminds me of Harry potter ;0)

  2. Ohhh! That was a looooooong post :-)