Monday, October 17, 2011

Link to make your own coconut milk

I labored over a wonderful post about making your own coconut milk. And posted it a week or more ago.

 The next day, I read it and found 2 typos so I went in to edit it.  When I had it completed to my standards, I went to save it, I somehow wiped out the entire post.  It is gone,gone,gone. My techie husband, Lenny, could not find it either. aaeeyyyyyyyaaahhhh!

I have not had the heart to try to recreate it.
Here are some links about how to make your own:
Making Coconut Milk  many choices abound  The easiest form I found is posted last at the bottom.    this one looks like the authentic, harder way to achieve coconut milk

Here are some great photos of coconuts in one form or another:

                                  Coconut sticky rice looks tempting!

Preparing green coconuts for tourists and locals alike. People drink the water with a straw and toss the empty coconut.  This is not the mature coconut one needs to make coconut milk.

         Coconut Lime Curry Soup

How to Make Coconut Milk

Learning how to make coconut milk is easy.  Select a ripe coconut by holding it up to your ear and gently shaking it; if you hear the sweet slosh-slosh of liquid, you’ve got a good one.  In this recipe for homemade coconut milk, we call for hot water which produces a richer coconut milk that’s higher in coconut oil; however, if you’re intent on making an unheated coconut milk, you can use cold filtered water.


  • 2 brown coconuts
  • 3 to 4 cups filtered water, preferably hot


  • sharp knife
  • mixing bowl
  • hammer or rolling pin
  • kitchen towel
  • vegetable peeler
  • blender
  • butter muslin
  • mason jar or pitcher


  1. Pierce the eyes of the coconut with a sharp knife and drain coconut water into a mixing bowl.
  2. Split the coconuts by covering in a kitchen towel and smashing with a rolling pin or hammer.
  3. With a sharp knife, pry the coconut meat from its husk, then peel off any remaining brown bits of skin that adhere to the coconut meat.
  4. Place the coconut flesh and coconut water in a blender, adding three to four cups hot water.
  5. Blend until the coconut and water forms a smooth slurry.
  6. Pour coconut mixture through a butter muslin or nut milk bag into a mason jar or pitcher.  Squeeze out as much liquid as possible, and transfer the coconut milk to the refrigerator.
YIELD: about 1 quart.
TIME: 20 – 30 minutes (preparation), under 5 minutes (blending)
NOTE: Save the coconut pulp and dry it in your dehydrator.  It can be used like any dessicated coconut – in pastries, baked goods, sweets and as a coating for fish and chicken.

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  1. have you tried it yet? i'm soo glad i don't have to make it, lol! thats all i gotta say! ;o) but i bet it tastes delicious!