Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trip to Quito a success

Great news for us in our saga to get legal residency. We flew to Quito this week to complete the process of becoming residents of Ecuador on Len's pensioner visa. There were the usual snags but after 2 days in Quito and 7 months since we applied, we cleared the final hurdles. The actual cedulas will be delivered to our attorney's office in the next few days. Hooray.

We had a quick peek at Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which is over 9000 ft altitude, about 2 million people. It is also a world heritage city due to the Colonial architecture, among other reasons. It was founded by the Spaniards in the 1500's, making it the oldest capital in South America. We only stayed one night. Had no luck in locating a Thai or Chinese restaurant. Sigh... However, the little

b & b where we stayed (Traveler's Hostal) recommended a very good Indian restaurant across the street. That was a treat.And easy after hours of waiting, standing. I am delighted: very proud to be both a citizen of the United States and to be a legal resident of Ecuador.

So what else is going on? A couple of loose ends:

A blog reader asked ABOUT THE KNIFE pictured previously and again here:

For those of you who are curious, I copied some info on that knife for you. It is made in the USA by Dexter, called DuoGlide. The design is very comfortable, approved by arthritis foundation, as well as others. It won several awards. It comes in 4 sizes. The knives are spendy, as good knives tend to be but worth it if you have hand pain or wrist fatigue, fibromyalgia or arthritis. If you need to chop, slice, prep some food, this is much easier on your hand. Len and I are very careful with ours, treating it with respect and care. It has held its edge and performed very well for 3 years.

Here is some info from their ad: "Now you can cut, chop, or slice with greater comfort and less fatigue. With DuoGlide, we’ve combined our renowned blade technology with an ultra-soft, right-sized handle that can be gripped in several ways for more comfort and control. The result is precise control and reduced wrist, arm or hand discomfort. See “The NEW way to cut” in action. DuoGlide knives come in four models for all your cutting needs. NSF Certified." is the website, if you are interested.

I have not been blogging lately because I've been sewing like crazy.

I completed the quilt for my dear friend Cindy who loves snowmen:

I'm almost done with a beautiful wall hanging that is the scene around the manger.  It will be our main decoration this year.  I bought a tiny ceramic Christmas tree that holds a candle so the light shines through the decorations on the tree. 

I'm gearing up to have the days around Christmas/Hannukah busy because I will be missing family and friends particularly BIG at that time.
I love Cuenca and my new life in this exotic, 3rd world country for a hundred+ reasons. 

Here are 3 reasons it is hard to live in Ecuador:

Have a terrific week. Take a risk, hug a friend, kiss your dog - enjoy life!



  1. Congrats! We can't wait to finally get our papers. We also understand how hard it can be living here away from your family. We miss our other 4 children very much especially now around the holidays. Take care and happy holidays!


  2. Congratulations! Now you can finally relax and plan a trip back to the States for a visit. Hope you enjoy the holidays!