Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cuenca Gluten-Free User's Group planned

 an unknown small cinnamon colored bird in Vilcabamba

If you are eating wheat free: no rye, barley or wheat, also known as gluten-free, please contact me by email in July (at email given below).

  I plan to host a monthly "Gluten-Free Users Group" . I will provide the space, coffee and tea. There will be no charge for a person's initial visit to the group. There will be a $5 charge.  It will be 90 min long.  It may start out small but I have heard from several people who are gf and are new to Cuenca, as well as some "longer time here" people who would like the supportive sharing that this could provide.  Some of the goals are
- to share resources
- to discuss ordering gf products through the shipping service Correos
- to provide some social connection, as desired
- to see if there is interest and enough support for talking with the buyers for Super Maxi to ask if they would import/carry some gf products.  More voices carry more weight.
- other ideas from attendees

We can discuss wishes at the first couple of meetings.  There are more people trying to eat gluten free in Cuenca than you would expect!
                         People love key lime pie so I made 2

I am thinking to have this first meeting around the first half of July, 2012 if things work out. Let me know if you are interested and I will email you with more info.
 my email for this purpose:

Have a happy new week in Cuenca and wherever you are!

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