Monday, August 29, 2011

The Cheerful Yellow Quilt top is completed

Just a short post tonight to note that the yellow/black/white quilt top is completed.  I could tell you all of the mistakes I made but instead I'll tell you that this quilt makes me happy.  It turned out to be much larger than I expected - my quilts have a way of growing like yeast bread.

I'm waiting for the backing fabric to arrive. I ordered it from in Colorado, using the service of Correos. I expect the backing fabric to come this week. Once I have the that fabric, I will layer the quilt and do the quilting.  I'm excited for those steps. I brought batting with me from the US so this next part should go well once I get the 3 parts layered. Most of my quilts have been for other people. It gives me great joy to see others enjoy something I created.  However, I am happy that I am keeping this one to enjoy.

This is a photo of one of my favorite flowers in the garden I designed in my Oregon backyard. Echinacea, or coneflower, is related to black-eyed susans. It is a perennial that will give you years of joy if you get the plant established. From the Big Sky series, this variety is named Sunrise, if my memory is correct. It was fragrant and attracted butterflies and hummingbirds. It glowed at dawn and dusk, like a lantern in the garden.
The new quilt reminds me of this flower.  For a good site with photos of many varieties of coneflower go here"
Looking at plant selections online made me long for a small garden. Sigh.

Right now, the quilt top is on the twin bed where my 9 year old granddaughter ECM will sleep when she comes to visit and it looks fabulous.  There will be chilly nights when I drag it into the living room and snuggle under the cheerful colors while reading in my chair. Looking at the photograph, the border fabric appears to have a green reading.  In person, it looks great, matches the yellow in the leafy fabric.

Tomorrow I'm going to swim and  have dinner with friends. Later this week, we play cards with some lovely Cuencanas we have come to know.  4 months in Cuenca and I'm feeling more like an ex-padorian than a tourist. Len and I love it here.

Soon I will start on the next twin quilt, one my 5 yr old grandson AEM will sleep under when he visits with his sister.  Then, not to be forgotten, will come a quilt for BRS who is 3 now.

I hope you have enjoyed Monday and have a great Tuesday coming up.


  1. Love your quilt. It is so cheerful. I need to learn how to quilt so that I can make one too.

  2. Carol N, Santa Fe NMSeptember 12, 2011 at 12:31 AM

    Sharon... I have to say this quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I admire your patience in making these works of art... I am a painter and a sculptor... but like to work quickly ... altho I have to say, I treasure my grandmother's quilts.

    ps... How is your Calico doing? Give her ears a rub for me! Also, I'm wondering if you know of anyone who has brought dogs to Educador from the states... eg via driving or flying... thanks for any info. And pps... Happy Anniversary to you guys! I missed that in the doggie post...

  3. i'm catching up on some of the posts i missed, but i was sure i saw this quilt finished, if I didn't tell you already its so much fun! and i think it totally looks like the cone flower!