Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mi gusta Ecuador!

Have I come right out and said that I LOVE Ecuador?  Well, it is true.  I am really interested in the layers of culture and socioeconomic differences.
               The Tomebamba River is a terrific asset to tranquility.

I am delighted by the gentle, open people of Cuenca.  I'm sometimes confused by something but things get worked out.  I've only lived here 7.5 months so there is still SO MUCH to learn.

I am having conversational Espanol lessons 3 times per week. After about 4 months with the early focus on grammar and verbs, I am beginning to speak a little more.  I understand a lot of a conversation if the subject is in context, which is very common.
                          Looking at Solano Avenue

Once per month I have the joy of spending an evening with several members of two families we have come to know.  It is "todo espanol" so I find it very challenging and tiring but also thrilling when I can keep up. And I can put rudimentary sentences together some of the time.

I have not discussed this (often) on Cuenca Chronicles but I have fibromyalgia. A painful illness they think is immune related but there is currently no cure. It does not kill but it was robbing me of quality of life while I was living in Oregon for about the past 7 years.

Since I moved to Cuenca, I have much less pain and my mobility has increased, as has my stamina and energy.  Hooray!  Lower humidity, no really hot days, high altitude and a more tranquil lifestyle seem to synchronize to improve my quality of life.  Hooray Hooray!!!!  I am blessed to have all of this.  This is a desired outcome of moving to Cuenca so this is very wonderful!
                The first quilt I completed was for my granddaughter.

Different things work for different people but this is my experience.

So, just sayin', I HEART Cuenca and our life here.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I really enjoy your blog. Have you tried kefir yet for your fibromyalgia? Just a thought?

  2. Love your comments. We are planning to move there in a year - so looking forward to it!