Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Week, some comments

                       I never tire of the changing views in Cuenca

In response to some of the great comments I've received, thank you for reading my blog and your kind thoughts.   Carol noted that a comment I made about "why wait to retire when you could live on less now and be in a healthier environment?"
It really impacted Carol and I am very glad to hear you are in San Miguel - I know that lovely town through a friend.  Enjoy!

 and the ideas were great for la gata.  It was encouraging to me that you had a cat who did fine over 6 wks alone (with daily care). Gracias.

A reader asked what grain mill I got.  I bought the Wondermill Whispermill on Amazon.  It is sort of mid priced at $260 - I could not justify spending over $500 on this item.  I hope it works out and grinds brown rice finely enough for my baking needs.

 A friend let me use her powerful blender Vitamix that grinds grains also.  However, it was not fine enough when grinding brown rice.  Very crunchy cookies are ok but in cakes or pies etc, not so good.  I'll report later on how successful the Wondermill is.  The frustrating thing is that there are Vitamix devotees who are almost religiously passionate about it.  And there are plenty of people who have one sitting in the back of the cupboard or closet and never will use it.  But don't want to sell it for a reasonable used price. I talked with 3 people who sorta wanted theirs sell theirs for absolute full price, no discount for it being out of box, looking like it had been used. Arrrrgggghhhhhhh!

Readers please know that I read any comments and love to know that you are reading my blog.  This started out to be something for my family members and friends to read to relate to my new adventure.

However, I have had 10,000 viewers from all over the world.  What a grand compliment that is.  Thank you, readers.  It inspires me to think and write!

PS: the funny thing is that very few of my family and friends read the blog.  So ironic!


  1. I have a Vitamix and LOVE it, but I've never used it for grinding grains as there is a special Dry Grains Containers (that you must purchase separately) that you must use for (duh) dry grains. Did you use that special container?

    My Vitamix is so powerful I'd be surprised if there's anything it can't pulverize! (I'd hate to get my hand caught in it - yikes!) Good luck with your new Wondermill Whispermill; hope it does a great job.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I was thinking of you the other day when I was ordering some low carb items. Have you ever ordered from Netrition? They have a huge gluten free section.

    (Still in Ohio, but moving to Cuenca in June.)

  3. Hi Sharon

    I am glad you and Len have found such wonderful ways to keep in touch.

    Your Friend

  4. I am currently in the US visiting grandchildren, kids, friends, parents, etc. I have not ordered from the place you mention, Sherry.
    YES by all means bring your sewing machine. I paid extra shipping on the airline to bring mine boxed up. The store where I had purchased 2 yrs before packed it with wonderful stuff that heats up and then seals around the machine to pad it - all encased kind of like blue ice. The machines I have seen in Cuenca are basic like Brother or industrial strength like Singer. I imagine they are expensive relative. There are choices there but not as much as people in the US are accustomed to.