Monday, July 18, 2011

Another view of the quilt and a pile of yellow fabric for the next project

Here are a couple more shots of the wall hanging I just completed but have not pressed or hung.
 I kept the quilting simple: stitch in the ditch and then outlined each cup.  The paper pieced quilt pattern is by Karla Alexander   Cups Cups Cups!  available at
 I am an intermediate quilter, I think, but slow.  This took mostly patience and persistence because of all the little pieces in each cup.  But it was fun once I got the hang of paper piecing. Selecting colors for each cup was the most fun!

I miss my compatriot on this project, Cindy.  We spent hours side by side at her dining table, each working on our own cups.  She is in Oregon working on a Dalmatian quilt.  Thank goodness for Skype!  We are able to chat each week with video.

Also, it is amazing how much I can get done on a quilt project now that I am retired and have some hours to dedicate to sewing - rather than grabbing just 3 hours of class (thanks to Victoria Jones my FANTASTIC teacher at A Common Thread in Lake Oswego, OR) and maybe 3 hours on a week end to sew, while working full time.  I'm a lucky girl! And living on less $ in Cuenca, Ecuador made retirement possible.

and here is a photo of the fabric I am cutting out now for the next twin size quilt.
I love quilting!

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  1. I thought I made a comment on this one last week but I don't see it showed up, so I'll just do it again :o)
    beautiful job on the quilt, and I have so much awe for the art of quilting, I just don't have the patience for it to make them I think, but I really love to look at it!
    I like the yellow too, it looks really fun, what pattern are you going to use for it? it reminds me of bees :o)