Friday, July 1, 2011

A few photos

I want to share a few photos.
 This is the view out of my sewing room.  I plan to set a couple of pots out there to grow something.  It is not really an official balcony, no door access.  But there is a window!
 This is the wall hanging quilt I've been working on.  It will have 12 different cups so I'm getting close to adding the sashing (the coffee bean fabric) and getting it completed and up on the wall in our dining room.
 I love having a sewing room and I love my Pfaff!  Happiness is being retired (jubilada) and having time to sew.
 Lenny buys fresh fruits every few days.  The dinner on the plate is a small amount of pork with local potatoes and fresh cantaloupe. I do not know the name of the fruit on top of the pile (there are 2) that look like shiny red pears but are VERY large.
 Each day when we walk along RioYunancay, this lovely cow is on the other side.  She moves along the river bank throughout the day.  Len is calling her Violetta which suits her lovely demeanor.
Today we walked by this lovely gate and home.  Len could not resist snapping a shot. It was a gorgeous mild day. Happy Friday - what are your week end plans?

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  1. The area outside your apartment looks great for a few pots of herbs and tomatoes!

    You look very relaxed at the sewing machine... retirement is treating you well!