Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cheerful Yellow Quilt project

I'm knee deep in a new quilt.  I am using yellow, black and white  prints.   I bought these fabrics some time ago. On my first look this week, in pulling all the fabrics and the pattern out, it seemed one fabric did not to go with the others.  The shade of yellow was different and yet I really like the fabric. I think I need it for contrast, it has some orange in it with yellow and black print - it is a very cool print.  I worried and fussed about this quite a bit as I was sorting out the pattern, making design changes and doing the math that goes with that.
 Here are the fabrics stacked and waiting for their assignments.

I went into my closet of fabric and found a soft two tone yellow that I thought might pull it all together.  I changed the pattern somewhat to include the soft yellow and now have the basic blocks completed.

I noticed, not for the first time, that working with fabrics at nearly any stage of a quilt project makes me happy, lifts my mood from wherever it was to a higher plane! That is always a good thing, right? And these yellow fabrics are so cheerful!

A little aside: here is a business op waiting to happen.  There are no quilt stores in Cuenca.  There are fabric stores but not like we have in the US, Britain and Australia.  I believe it is very difficult to import fabrics into EC.  Local Ecuadorians sew a lot and make gorgeous things but I do not know if they make quilts.   In the Andes, quilts seem like a great idea.  We moved here with no blankets at all so I'm making quilts as fast as I can! Oh, I forgot, we brought an electric blanket, thank goodness!  Nights get quite chilly here. So if you are looking for a business op, opening a quilt shop is one!

I learned to sew in 4-H as a kid.  I wanted to be out with the animals, not doing some silly apron.  I was kind of a brat to my mother who is a good seamstress and wanted me to learn to sew.  Sorry Mom!  I'm so glad I learned.

However, when I had two young kids, was in grad school and then began working full time around age 30, I stopped sewing and did not sew for 30 years!  I got interested in quilting about 3 years ago and have found a great hobby that suits me.  I feel so fortunate.

Lenny calls this "Sharon's Workshop"

  I've had my machine for nearly 3 years and it makes me happy every time I turn it on.  It is a Pfaff 4.0 but the main thing is just that it is well suited to what I do.  I did not need a "Mercedes" type of machine and neither did I want a bottom of the line machine.  This one suits me just great. It has a walking foot built in, it hums when I run it, it has way more stitch choices than I can possibly ever use.  Its all good!

I still have to cut the setting triangles and 4 borders but this quilt is moving along. And I believe the colors and prints will all work together.  Of course, the colors may not represent as true colors on the web!  There will certainly be movement and contrast in this quilt! And I hope harmony.

The quilt is twin size - it will look good on the twin bed we have ready for my granddaughter Emma to sleep in whenever she can come see us. Emma is 9.  By the time they come, I will probably have a twin quilt for the bed her brother Andrew will sleep in too. Andrew is 5.  And maybe I will even have completed one for my grandson Blake who is nearly 3 yrs old.

I hope my kids (that includes their spouses, of course!) and grandchildren will visit in summer of 2012 but I'll be happy to have them visit any time!  We have 3 twin beds in the ready for visiting grandchildren.  Then their parents can enjoy evenings exploring the city and stay nearby while we see if we still know how to entertain grandkids.  I can hardly wait!

I changed the pattern to include more stars and less elongated 9 patch blocks.
Photo of some of the stars as they come together.  The blocks are 12". NOTE to my friend Cindy (and quilting buddy in Oregon) and to Victoria, my quilt teacher,  I'm off the reservation here on the Quilt 201 pattern. My stars will not 'float' due to the pale yellow but I wanted to see how the changes would look.
Photo of starry center block and the pale yellow used in same block. 
I'm calling this quilt "Starry Starry Night".

I hope this finds you having a terrific week.

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  1. I like the quilt, and I think the diff yellows work well together, I like the pale yellow you added I think that was a good idea, it makes it pop with the contrast. You really got that pieced together quickly too!
    And I totally know what you mean about how doing quilting makes you feel good and peaceful and it lifting your mood, its like a drug to me, literally! only without the side effects! Actually it works better than a drug. I really really need to make sure i paint every day, or do some kind of art, I'd be so much healthier and happier!