Sunday, July 31, 2011

quilts in progress

Blue and yellow french country quilt-to-be pieces laid out

When I moved to Ecuador, I knew there were no quilt shops in Cuenca (reportedly at least). So I stocked up on fabric, patterns for new quilts and planned to spend some of my new retirement time quilting.  As it turns out, I have quite a few quilts in progress.  I thought today I would show you some.
The French country quilt above is from a pattern I found in an Australian magazine.  Half way through making it, the magazine disappeared, never to be seen again.  It took me about 3 months and the help of my dear friend Cindy who had to go through inter-library loan to get a copy of the pattern so that I could complete the quilt.  well, its still to be completed.  Lesson learned?  Always make 3 copies of a quilt pattern, just in case!
It will also be my first attempt at machine applique.

This is the first quilt I completed.  It is also the pattern I use often, with variations.  It is easy and people seem to love it.  I gave the first several quilts away as gifts.  This is where my grandson Andrew will sleep when he comes to visit us.  He is 5 and about to begin kindergarten.

This quilt top needs to be completed.  I am using it on our king bed so need to add a couple more borders and then layer and quilt it.  It never fails to cheer me as I come down the hall on a cloudy day and see that glorious color.

This quilt is a Fig Tree design as are some of the fabrics.  I was working on it when I suddenly needed to pack it to move last spring.  I just pulled it out of the plastic bag this afternoon.  Poor thing needs some love.

When I moved here, I brought only one blanket (our old blankets were ready to toss out anyway).  So I am making quilts for us to use.  I'll just pile them on a bed as needed.  Like the old pioneer days. although it does not really get THAT cold here. Around 35-45 most nights of the year. But it never snows here. Hooray.
Sharon's grandfather Joseph sewed awnings in York, Nebraska, USA in 1930s and '40's.

My dear grandson Blake who will be 3 next month.  He is always fascinated by the sewing machine and loves playing beside it. He wants to figure out what makes it work!
I'm not sure which quilt he will snuggle under when he comes to visit but I know I'll have one he will like!

This red and caramel/cream quilt is one I'm excited about.  It was a ball picking out the 18 reds and 15 caramels for this quilt. I found the pattern in that same Australian magazine ("Australian Patchwork and Quilting"). Its ready to start but on my list after I complete some of the projects above.
 Here is what it will look like.
One day I was in a quilt shop with Cindy looking for the perfect caramel to use and another shopper began talking to me about the pattern and project.  Turned out we had a lot in common and now she reads my blog and we communicate about our quilts.  Hi Verla!

And how is the yellow/black/white quilt coming along?  I have the rows together and will add the setting triangles tomorrow.  In this photo, you can see where the triangles will go.  Also, the pleasant circle of leaves that showed up once the blocks came together.
This is the quilt that will be for my grand-daughter Emma to enjoy when she is here.  She will sleep in my sewing room.  The twin bed is all ready for her whenever they come (probably, maybe, I hope at least by next summer).

I hope you had a great week end and now look forward to some interesting things as a new week begins.


  1. Sharon, lovely quilts. Your grandchildren will treasure them. I hope to see your progress on them when I visit for 5 weeks starting in October. Best, LT Murphy

  2. Looks like you're having fun. It's great to have hobbies, especially in a new country. Keep it up!

    Thanks! James

  3. They look so great, really colorful! The yellow one is very dynamic!
    I also like that red and caramel one, super pretty. I love quilts!