Saturday, July 2, 2011

An early Saturday morning

This morning at 3:27 am someone elected to shoot off some M-80s and fireworks.  Probably in the back yard behind our building, judging by how loud it was and how the drapes lit up in different colors.  But one joy of being retired is that even being awakened at such an early time allows one to reflect and begin the day, knowing a nap later today is a possibility.  And there is not a long list of week end "must do's".  This is a terrific life stage!

Tomorrow, we are going to an animal preserve where we will see some native Ecuadorian animals in a semi-natural habitat.  Rescued animals who have not returned to the wild yet but with some hope of that.
Ecuador has more species of animals and birds than any other country (per square mile or something like that).  Many Ecuadorian animals are very hard to see in the wild.  The elusive jaguar.  The shy bespectacled bear.  Experts spend many hours attempting to see these animals.  So this preserve (although they probably do not have a jaguar or bespectacled bear) will be an interesting introduction and it is just outside of Cuenca.  Photos to follow!

Well, now I get to work on my wall hanging quilt.  Hooray!

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  1. This is great, Sharon! I love the pictures and reading of your new life. I am currently giving you a big virtual hug.