Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wall hanging quilt CUPS! CUPS! CUPS! is complete

The CUPS wall hanging - just one thing left. I need to hand stitch the hanging sleeve you can see at the top so when I hang it on the wall, that will not show.  Oh, and I need to figure out how to drill holes in the super hard plaster the walls are made of here in Ecuador.  Of course, it is not perfect but I'm very happy with it and proud I learned a lot about paper piecing. I LOVE quilting!


  1. I tried to comment on this the other day but I guess I didn't press all the right buttons because I dont see it. So I'll just say it again :0)
    Love the quilt and especially all the fun colors in the cups! The whole thing looks so hard to do, I can't imagine being that precise with sewing, I wish I had that kind of patience. It turned out great!

  2. Thank you, Tania. We each discover things we like to do in life. Fortunately, this "newish" hobby is a good one for me. But if I were paid by the hour, I'd starve!