Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A handsome couple in Tarqui

This handsome couple came out of the cathedral in Tarqui during the Festival of the Virgin Carmen.  Her dress is typical of many women of this age range who live outside of Cuenca.  Many of the skirts have elaborate colorful embroidery around the hem, as you can get  peek of on the woman sitting on the right, holding a waist shawl over her lap.
Typically, the hair of most indigenous people is thick, shiny, black and luxurious.  With my thin, baby fine hair I have hair envy!

Double click the image to get the full view.  Aren't the colors glorious?

Tarqui is a small town outside of Cuenca where there is a lot of dairy farming We could see many small plots of maize (corn) growing on very steep hillsides.  It is a somewhat higher elevation than Cuenca so it is cooler there. Many people travel to Cuenca each day to sell their produce and goods in street markets. Quite a number of Ecuadorians are building beautiful, large homes there for the future.  They are building as they can afford, no credit cards, and put much effort into these homes when they are not working at their other jobs.

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