Tuesday, July 5, 2011

South American Coatis

I believe thta little ring tailed animal we saw on Sunday is the South AmericanCoati.I"ll write more later to catch up.
Here is what Wiki has to say:  Coatis are diurnal animals, and they live both on the ground and in trees.[6] They typically live in the forest.[7] They are omnivorous and primarily eat fruit, invertebrates, other small animals and bird's eggs.[6] Coatis search for fruit in trees high in the canopy, and use their snouts to poke through crevices to find animal prey on the ground.[6] They also search for animal prey by turning over rocks on the ground or ripping open logs with their claws.[6]
Females generally live in large groups, called bands, consisting of 15 to 30 animals.[6][7] Males, on the other hand, are usually solitary.[7] Solitary males were originally considered a separate species due to the different social habits and were called "coatimundis",[7] a term still sometimes used today. Neither bands of females nor solitary males defend a unique territory, and territories therefore overlap.[7]
Group members produce soft whining sounds, but alarm calls are different, consisting of loud woofs and clicks.[6] When an alarm call is sounded, the coatis typically climb trees, and then drop down to the ground and disperse.[6] Coatis typically sleep in the trees.[6] Predators of the South American Coati include foxes, jaguars, jaguarundis, domestic dogs, and people.[

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